ARMOUR Carbon WHite

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o  1 Carbon Black helmet


Featureso Designs are helmets that are certified like a normal hat and safely

o In-Mold method, durable manufacturing method

-Made by in-Mold method using only high-quality helmets, the inner EPS foam and polycarbonate outer shell are joined by heat during the forming step, so they can be safely distributed without being separated even under strong impact. And it is not separated from each other, so it is deposited without excitation.



o Weighs 220g and is lighter than the best helmet.



o KC certification, a Korean safety helmet certification.



o coating resistant to external scratches.



o sizes make your head comfortable fit




  M L
Helmet 55~58 59~62

* Measure the head circumference on the forehead and select the largest size.

o Product Exchange and Refund Policy

Request period for reasons of return / exchange

1. The buyer's simple change of mind is within 7 days of receipt of the product (the buyer bears the return shipping cost)

2. If the product is different from the label / advertisement of the product, it can be returned or exchanged for injury within 7 days of receipt of the product (the seller bears the return shipping cost)


Reason for return / exchange

1. If the return request period has passed, you cannot return or exchange, AS application is possible, and the AS period is 1 year

2. When the product is lost or damaged due to the buyer's responsible reason (except when the packaging to confirm the product is damaged)

3. When the packaging is opened, but the packaging is damaged and the product branch is significantly lost.

4. When the value of the product is significantly reduced due to the use of the buyer or some consumption

5. When the value of products has decreased significantly to the extent that it is difficult to resell over time

ARMOUR Carbon WHite

60.00 USD 69.00 USD
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